Thursday, January 23, 2014

Antidote To the Winter Olympics Terrorist Threat?

There is an antidote to the much media-touted terrorist threat of attacks at the Olympic Games at Sochi.

While it has been stated in news reports that the U.S. has readied ships and other aspects of our armed forces to be ready to "evacuate" or to rescue U.S. Olympic personnel from a terrorist attack at the Winter Olympic Games at Sochi, it has remained mum on what the consequences of such an attack would be to the perpetrators/terrorists.

The Obama administration's pre-emptive actions against potential terrorist attacks, has been to complain about the Russian government's refusal to share intelligence about terrorist actions.

Granted, the al-Qaeda Cult of Mass Murder is known for it's "suicide" bombers; but obviously the leadership exempts itself from such sacrifice, because IT wants to survive to continue terrorizing little children into "submission."

The solution then, is to make it clear to any member or branch of the terror cult, that if the al-Qaeda Terrorist Cult or any al-Qaeda Terrorist Cult aligned group, dares to attack our nation or the nation of any participant at the Olympics, "We" and any nation that has the intestinal fortitude to join us, will launch and all-out blitz against any and all al-Qaeda outposts, sanctuaries, and any al-Qaeda aligned nations with the aim of ending the threat of terror once and for all.

This, of course, is in direct contradiction of the Obama Administration's doctrine of appeasement and accommodation, and its policy of continuing to weaken our armed forces through troop reductions, armed forces budget cuts, base closures, antagonism against out military, and absurd rules of engagement that put our troops in danger and at risk.

The very fact that there is even a terrorist threat at this time is due to the perception by terrorists that they can get away with it.  The atmosphere that the potential deterrents of a terrorist attack are weak or unable to respond effectively against the enemy, is sufficient to prompt an attack.

At the very least, it is on the minds of Olympic Games participants and sponsors.  Olympic Games participants should not have on their minds that there might be a terrorist attack.  What does that do their competitive concentration or to their well-being in general?

Seen in this light, the protectors of order and security have already failed.

The only deterrent then is a violent, extreme threat of unrelenting retaliation in places where terrorists operate and reside. That would require a mind-set to do so, of course, and due to the current status-quo imposed by the administration, would also necessitate a drastic policy change by a President determined to lead from behind.

What do you think are the chances this will occur and how safe are our people under the current conditions?