Sunday, July 27, 2014

The Politics of Polarization

President Obama meets with President Molina of Guatemala, President Hernandez of Honduras, and President Ceren of El Salvador; speaks about Illegal immigrant issue...

This weekend Obamistas and the Socialist Liberal media have launched a precise tactic of political and cultural polarization in advance of the 2014 election cycle by focusing on divisive issues that will attempt to get out the Democrat vote, cast their opposition as uncompassionate  reactionaries, and endear the Obama regime to Hispanics by championing amnesty, legalization, and citizenship for illegal aliens.

Here begins the Obamista propaganda machine:

"...Even as President Obama grapples with the crisis of immigrant children arriving at the Southwest border, White House officials are laying the groundwork for a large-scale expansion of immigrant rights that would come by executive action within weeks..."  That's according to a Parson, Bennett, Mascaro story in the Los Angeles Times.

The article says that White House Officials signaled strongly on Friday that "...Obama's move would shield from deportation large numbers of immigrants living in the country illegally, as advocacy groups have demanded..."  And it cites that roughly 5 million of the estimated 11 million people who entered the country without legal authorization or overstayed their visas could be protected under a leading option the White House is considering.

The L.A. Times article quotes senior adviser Dan Pfeiffer telling reporters the Obama move will come by the end of the summer, and predicts that will prompt a major clash with congressional Republicans, citing also that that some White House officials "...appeared to relish the prospect that the GOP might overreach in its response and act in a politically self-destructive manner..."

The article states that:
"...The White House is entertaining a range of possibilities that would speed up deportations in some cases but forestall them in many others...Obama could use his executive powers to expedite deportations in response to the current border crisis, in an effort to clear the large numbers of unaccompanied minors gathering daily in the Rio Grande Valley in south Texas...At the same time, he seems likely to act to prevent deportations of many of the immigrants already living, working and raising children in the U.S..."
The L.A. Times article says that Pfeiffer told reporters that he would not discount the possibility that Republicans would seek to impeach Obama over his next immigration moves, and that "...references to impeachment at the White House on Friday suggest that administration officials are trying to shape the political battleground in advance — portraying Republicans as obstructionist before launching a broad-sweeping executive action on a front where conservative sensitivities are particularly keen: immigration policy..." And it says that the "...campaign arm of the House Democratic leadership began a fundraising drive featuring Pfeiffer's impeachment forecast within hours of his making it..."

The Obama administration media blitz and the consequent propaganda blast by its media minions reveals their efforts to paint the landscape in their favor, utilizing the tactic of framing a scenario according to their Socialist agenda.  The propaganda effort is the tail-end of a tactic that includes a coordinated policy that would attract illegal aliens to this country, along with the announcement of a refusal to enforce immigration laws (arrest and deportation), prompting a massive influx of illegal aliens, culminating in the utilization of illegal alien "children" as propaganda pawns to achieve the political objective of legalization and/or amnesty.

The clamor that the illegal alien invasion is a failure of the Obama Administration, and that it is a fiasco for which he is at fault is folly.  Results  demonstrate that Obama's  "inaction" is actually part of a scenario that has been staged for political gain and that the stages of that agenda continue to unfold according to plan.

By the way, there's another article in TIME Magazine that parallels the article in the L.A. Times. (See that HERE).

The stages of "The Obamista 2014 Political Plan" appear to be according to the following:

1.  Announce broadly that it is ok to come to the U.S. illegally because immigration laws will not be enforced.

2.  Inform those who are coming to surrender themselves to authorities so that they can be processed toward legalization.

3.  Process those who have been detained or who have surrendered to authorities and release them on their own recognizance.

4.  Promote this as a "humanitarian crisis."

5.  Use illegal alien children as a propaganda measure to obtain sympathy and to cast opposition to legalization/amnesty in a negative light.

6.  Use these issues to fuel efforts to get out the vote in mid term elections.

7.  Use issues to inflame opposition and prompt calls for impeachment of Obama and then use the response to intimidate efforts towards impeachment from the opposition, and to cast those who propose impeachment in a negative light. This will cause a split of Republicans into pro and anti-impeachment factions.

8. Continue "legalization" efforts for illegal aliens, thus announcing further that it's ok to come and "you won't get deported."

These tactics are meant to get a reaction from the opposition.  It is a Marxist tactic, gleaned from "the dialectic."  Specifically, the "activists" create an issue to cause a violent or extreme reaction from the opposition.  When they get the reaction, they point out and organize opposition to it by pointing out how "reactionary" their opposition is.  This accomplishes two things.  It helps to "organize" and get into action those of one camp, while causing the other camp to react, and to possibly become divided, and to be cast  in a negative light.

This is why you see leftists in demonstrations throwing rocks, molotov cocktails, causing riots: to cause a violent or extreme reaction from the opposition.  It is meant to inflame and to upset. When police or soldiers or a "militia" react to the inflammatory actions, the finger pointing begins about how oppressive and mean the opposition is.

It is one harmonic down from terrorism. Terrorism is the more extreme version.  The purposes are the same.  Cause a breakdown, a wedge, an upset by attacking the stability of the opposition.  The actions are meant to destabilize, to get the opposition off balance,  to cause a violent and/or extreme reaction, and to divide, topple, defeat and conquer.

As an example, here is a "conservative" that is already capitulating, already being divided. (Click Here)

What's the antidote?

Do not get terrorized.  Do not get destabilized. Do not get flustered, disorganized, upset and do not extremely respond.

Instead restore stability. Build, fortify, secure, and advance your own cause.  Attack the opposition strategically. UNDERSTAND the tactics of the Left.

In the case of the Obamistas, label them for what they are.  They are in collusion with human trafficking, abusing children for political gain,  making them come here via sociopathic cartels in hostile environments and conditions for political gain is even worse than human trafficking. Etc. Etc.

Get the conservative vote out for the elections.  Staying home on election day is not working.

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