Thursday, September 10, 2015

"Hidden Cameras Capture Clinton Campaign Staff in Nevada not Only Skirting the Law but Mocking it"

A James O'Keefe, Project Veritas Video, released today appears to show Hillary Clinton Nevada campaign staff and volunteers ignoring and violating Nevada voter registration laws.

An article accompanying the release says "Hidden Cameras Capture Clinton Campaign Staff in Nevada not Only Skirting the Law but Mocking it."

The video describes a Clinton campaign attorney, Christina Gupana of Las Vegas, advising campaign workers that they should " whatever you can, whatever you canget away with just do it..."

According to the article:

"...We uncovered a clear theme within the Nevada Clinton campaign, when it comes to the law: ask for forgiveness not permission. Phillip Kim, a staff organizer for Hillary for America was captured on hidden camera saying: 'ask for forgiveness not for permission ... Courtney Kravitz, a Hillary for America Fellow was caught stating to one of Project Veritas Action’s undercover journalists that 'I mean we kind of abide by the like ask for forgiveness type of thing.' And Harrison Lee, another Hillary for America Fellow was caught on hidden camera admitting: 'Typically the style of campaigning that we do is like, we just ask, do they support Hillary Clinton.  And if we’re not allowed to do that, then we ask for forgiveness.' ..."

Another account details the following:

In a discussion captured on hidden camera, campaign worker Henry Engelstein explained to Gupana and Lee that they were chastised by a librarian for openly displaying a Clinton sign while conducting voter registration in the library ... According to Engelstein, 'she came out with the Nevada statute books and opens it up and starts reading the statute about how you’re allowed to get voter registration … it says pretty explicitly here in the statute that this sort of action is prohibited.  So I don’t care if you do voter registration but you can’t have the Hillary stuff.' ... 'That was like the saddest day,' stated Lee, to which Engelstein cavalierly replied 'Dude she had the f**king book.' ... Gupana subsequently advises her fellow campaign workers to 'just like hide all that stuff and like.' ..."

Project Veritas President, James O'Keefe summed it up:

"...The widespread corruption throughout all levels of the Clinton campaign is a disease ... Just as with her State Department email scandal, the culture of Clinton’s presidential campaign seems clear: break the law - then ask for forgiveness only if you get caught...”

See the VIDEO here:

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Do you want to know how Obama got support for the Iran Deal from Congress?

You already know how.

Establishment Congressmen and Senators have been doing this since they got a pot full of your income tax gold to party with, a long time ago.

Here's how it works. (remember?)

They get in the Congressional Representative and Senator Welfare line, and then they hold out for as much as they can, for as long as they can, until they get the favors, the contracts, the pork, the kick-backs, or the acknowledgements, and/or promise of political or election support that they want.  And when they get it they vote in favor of whatever measure the booty is being doled out for.

So those who signed on to the bogus Iran deal traded money, power or favor for it.

In other words:  Ca-ching!

That's how it's done.

That's how the "Establishment Republicans" stabbed the Constitutionalists and the Tea Party in the back after this last election.


What's there to "get" from the Iran deal?

Oil contracts and the adjacent industry and infrastructure "economy" and everything that goes with it. You heard the talking points.  The "deal" is going to "free up"  Billions.  Zillions!  And those that sold out are going to happily collect when the bill is due.

You know how this is done.

Hillary worked for four years to set up a similar scheme over at her "Foundation," in which governments and mega zillionaires donated to her "charities" .... in exchange for what?

Top Secret information traded at top dollar, and access to anything and everything the U.S. would dole out under a Hillary presidency.


Feel duped lately?

I wonder why.